Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Great Gatsby [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]

Ahhhhh adaptions. The age old tradition of taking writing, whether it be a book or other written piece, and turning it into a film. This time it's another try at F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic work, The Great Gatsby. This is pinned by Baz Luhrmann and musically produced by Jay-Z. As you may have already assumed, The Great Gatsby follows the story of Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire) as he retells the tale of a mysterious man named Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio). He describes Gatsby as the most hopeful man he's ever come across. Thus begins the tale of one of richest and most powerful men of the 1920s.

The problem with this highly visually stimulating movie, is that it really focuses on the style rather than substance. The CGI is fun, the costumes are good and the predominately hip-hop score somehow blends well with the parties of the 1920s. Then the problems begin as there is a ton of voice over are narration (all by Tobey Maguire). When not narrating he gives a very pedestrian performance. I honestly can't remember who else is even in this movie aside from Maguire and Leo DiCaprio. But speaking of Leo, he's the anchor of this movie and gives a very good performance as Gatsby. He has that ability to adapt to most of the characters he plays and Gatsby is n different. More problems incur as this movie is really slow at times. Combine that with the fact that this is a really long movie (well over two hours) and you've got tons of boring stretches.

The Great Gatsby is a problem filled movie you'll either love or hate. There's a very even split of good and bad that comes with this. Even with the problems, this is still good enough for a watch. If you can stand being bored for a good portion of this, you'll get to hear some fun music and see some good visuals and CGI.

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