Monday, December 2, 2013

Coffee Town [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]

Coffee Town is the first movie from famed video site CollegeHumor. You've probably not heard of this, but the leads of this star (or are supporting cast) in, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Parks and Recreation and Eastbound & Down. Coffee Town follows the story of a website manager named Will (Glenn Howerton), who uses the WiFi at a local coffee shop to do his work. Upon learning that management may be turning the place into a bar, he hatches a plan with his two friends. Will, Gino (Ben Schwartz) and Chad (Steve Little) set off to try and convince the higher-ups not to go through with the change.

The reason I really like this movie, is the fact it doesn't try to be what it's not, a raunchy comedy. Sure there are topics and scenes, most wouldn't touch, or are considered "too edgy." But, this was made by site that will post most any video for a laugh. Couple that with the fact you have two leads from shows that disrespect every aspect of life (It's Always Sunny and Eastbound & Down). It's had to get Dennis Reynolds out of my head when I see Glenn Howerton, since I love It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia so much. But, Glenn does indeed do pretty well as Will, leading these misguided characters. There's no shortage of laughs out of Ben Schwartz and Steve Little either, as these three have pretty good chemistry. This is a small budget movie, that has a capable story-line that plays out nicely, with tons of laughs in between. Coffee Town is a perfect turn your brain off and laugh comedy.

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