Monday, December 9, 2013

Insidious: Chapter 2 [A Fat Jesus Quick Hit]

If you've ever talked with me about movies, more specifically recent horror films, you'll know that I love Insidious. While not a perfect film, it's one of the better horror films of 2011 that you can get excited about. Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are pretty great as leads and make it a fun watch. Two years later, Insidious: Chapter 2 has been released, and looks to recapture the magic of the first. Insidious: Chapter 2 follows the story of Josh and Renai Lambert (Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne) in the wake of the events of the first film. Something is a little off as Josh isn't acting like himself, and thinks a woman has taken over Renai. Meanwhile, Renai begins to see a woman in white roaming the house. Both will have to overcome the paranormal if they want the hope of getting back to a normal life.

James Wan knocked it out of the park earlier this year with The Conjuring, a movie I highly enjoyed. I was pretty hyped for this, but then I started watching it and things didn't quite click for me. The costumes and CGI were alright, but a ton of jump scares a quick cuts doesn't give you a lot of time to soak it in. I love jump scares and that whole old school vibe behind it. Unfortunately, that's all it felt like this movie was. It also felt like the story was phoned in. A ton of questionable at best dialogue brought this down as well. The story jumps around a lot until it settles in for the second half. Then a lackluster twist takes over. While better than the first half, the second half is nothing to write home about. The performances by the leads, yet again Wilson and Byrne, are fine, but it doesn't stop this from being just average. I can honestly say the best part of this movie is the music. It brings the creepy, old school horror film vibe. It also gives you a great reason to let the credits roll, if only to soak in the score.

If you liked the first movie, you should still check out Insidious: Chapter 2. It has all the style of the first, but with a noticeable drop in substance. Also for the fact Insidious: Chapter 3 will release in 2015. I still like the first, and hopefully after a bit of falter with this one, the trilogy can round out well. Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson are great leads, and the lore this series is creating is pretty solid. Oh and the music, for the love of God, make more of this. It really does make a very mediocre film, almost passable.

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