Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome to Fat Jesus Reviews

Hey guys, I'm Matt Day or as most or you have come to know me as, Fat Jesus. This is my initial post here but there will be one to follow shortly. I just wanted to tell you a few things about me and why I made this account. I'm 22 years old now, long flowing hair and a full beard. DFW, Texas will forever be my home, no matter where I currently live, and I like food...a lot. Also it's no secret that I love entertainment. I love going to the movies, I love watching TV, I love playing video games and I love collecting DVDs and Blu-Rays. 

In 2011 I dabbled into writing show recaps of WWE shows like Raw and Smackdown. While I adore pro wrestling (and always will), I always felt it a task to do reviews on what I was watching. Then in October of 2011 I did a self-proclaimed "Halloween Movie Month", where I went through 31 Halloween related movies and did a review on each of them. At the time the reviews were small, but I was just starting out, so a full month of reviews was huge to me. The support I got from people reading, sharing, commenting and re-tweeting was overwhelming. It got me thinking, "Well hey, if people like these maybe I should do reviews on current movies and the movies I go see." And that's what I started doing.

Over the course of 2012 I really started honing my writing skills into movies. Progressing from two paragraph synopses of films, to multi-paragraph reviews that gave insight into why I watched it and what I really liked (or disliked) about the film. Getting advice from other people who write and blog as well was also a huge help. I also started writing a couple video game and TV show reviews that I really like doing and want to do more of as well. As I play just as many video games and spend just as much time watching TV as I do with movies. 

Even with the limited exposure I have; my Twitch.tv channel, Twitter/Facebook and people (like I said above) sharing my stuff, people kept reading. Even with limited feedback I knew I was doing something right cause I'd get positive feedback from the people I asked for help and my "views", numbering at about 27k (currently) on the blog where I posted, were enough to keep me going. Now it's 2013. I need something. It's been a rough couple of years personally. Not a lot has gone "right" so to speak. But when I started writing and posted any given review, it seemed I could let go and then see that people enjoyed what I had written. I want to possibly make a career out of this.

So I figured this would be a good place to start. Gauge if this is something I can really do or not. Get my name out there. Continue to grow as a reviewer. I have no idea if any sites needs entertainment reviewers out there. I'm sure there are plenty. So if you're reading this, shoot me some ideas. I don't expect to just hop onto a large site off the bat either. I want to mold my craft, that way, if this does pan out (and I really kinda hope it does), it could launch me to somewhere better. I plan on doing at least three to four (current) movie reviews every two weeks, and two to four (current) DVD reviews as well. With random video game and TV Show reviews sprinkled in cause I don't want to ignore those things that I love too.

If you'll be along for this ride in 2013, I'll be eternally grateful. If you've already been here and will continue to be, I appreciate it with all my heart. If you're new and reading this, welcome aboard, I'm glad to have you here. Even if this doesn't pan out, I'll know I tried and can move on to trying to find my place. With a satisfied spirit at the very least. But for now, all I have to say is, welcome to Fat Jesus Reviews!

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