Wednesday, February 20, 2013

85th Academy Awards "Best Animated Shorts" Nominees [Fat Jesus Movie Reviews]

Basically these are short reviews, clever eh, of all the Best Animated Shorts for this years Oscars. I figured I do this cause for the most part I liked all five and wanted to give a little bit of my thoughts on each before my main 85th Annual Oscars post. So here are my thoughts on each movie and I've proved a video link to each short. You can watch all five in less than an hour. Please do enjoy!

Adam and Dog is an animated short that follows the story of Adam and Eve, told in the first three chapters of Genesis, but from a dog's perspective. Dog is shown in the garden of Eden exploring when he runs into Adam for the first time. The story of the beginning of the earth (as told in The Holy Bible) is shown through one of the first canines eyes.

Adam and Dog was definitely one of the better of these five shorts. The art style was great. Bringing the infamous garden of Eden to life while capturing the thoughts, so to speak, of a dog living there. The story was great as it conveyed happiness, loneliness and sorrow. Adam and Dog is a good short by Minkyu Lee that captures great storytelling and emotion.

Fresh Guacamole is a stop motion animated short that follows the story of a man making guacamole out of what seemingly are ordinarily objects. As he cuts and prepares fresh ingredients such as a pool ball or a hand grenade, a wonderful bowl of fresh guac is made before your eyes.

Fresh Guacamole is the shortest of the nominated films, but it's also the most innovative in my opinion. The animation looks great and Pes makes great use of stop motion. Everything is sharp, vibrant and colorful.  Fresh Guacamole is short sweet and to the point as objects are turned into a fine appetizer before your eyes.

Head Over Heels is a stop motion animated short that follows the story of an older couple. They have grown apart over the years to the point where Walter lives on the floor and Madge lives on the ceiling. One day Walter tries to bring them both back to the same romantic level and is messes with their whole equilibrium. 

While I know Head Over Heels is done well, and I'm not denying it isn't, this just didn't do it for me. The story was pretty original and cute, I just wasn't as into it as say Adam and Dog or Paperman. The stop motion is done well, but even this "old couple" charm and the great design isn't enough to make me really like it.

The Longest Daycare is an animated short that follows the day of Maggie Simpson. She has been dropped off at daycare for the day by Marge. She is enthralled by a butterfly that is quickly killed by Baby Gerald. Maggie comes across a cocoon that Baby Gerald wants to kill as well. It becomes a mad dash by Maggie to save this new butterfly's life.

I really liked this. I came into this having a like for The Simpson's TV show, so I knew I'd like the humor in this. The story was pretty good with a lot of funny moments involved. The animation is just like the show, so it's done really well. Probably my second favorite out of all of these shorts, as for me, it had a nice bit of charm to it.

Paperman is a Disney animated short that follows the story of a businessman in 1940s New York City. While waiting for the train he meets a woman who is hit in his face by one of his pieces of paper from a work folder. She gets on a train while the man is thinking about her. While at work he spots the woman across the street and spends the day trying to get her attention by throwing paper airplanes from his office to her.

This is probably my favorite out of all the nominees this year. It's helps that this is one of the shorts I actually saw in theaters. Paperman has a charming story, great design and a good humor about it. You got into the businessman's character in such a short time and was more or less rooting for him. You wanted to see him complete a once in a lifetime chance of meeting a the girl of his dreams.

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