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Quick Golden Globes 2015 Predictions Thingie

Golden Globe Wants/Predictions

Now I'm not an insider, nor do I pretend to be. But, I do know what I like and the Golden Globes is the first "big" awards show of the year. I've seen a ton of movies this year and most of these nominees. Here's a few thoughts on what I like. Also who I want, and think, will win later tonight. Like last year, expect a full and sweeping write-up when The Oscars roll around in the coming months. This is mostly my intro from last year, haha


Best Motion Picture- Drama
'Boyhood' or 'Selma'
Kind of disappointed 'Nightcrawler' didn't get a nod in this category. The two best of the nominees here are 'Boyhood' and 'Selma.' I'd love it if 'Boyhood' takes it, but I think 'Selma' will win tonight. 'Boyhood' is pretty awesome regardless.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Rosamund Pike- 'Gone Girl'
I'm going to be honest here, this is the only film I'm seen in this category as of right now. Despite your thoughts overall about David Fincher's 'Gone Girl', Rosamund Pike turned in one of the best performances, male or female, all year. Here's hoping Pike gets the nod here.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
David Oyelowo- 'Selma' or Jake Gyllenhaal 'Nightcrawler'
This category is stacked, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Steve Carrell also receiving nominations. The two that stand out to me are David Oyelowo and Jake Gyllenhaal. Oyelowo was the driving performance in 'Selma' while Gyllenhaal was mind-numbingly fantastic in 'Nightcrawler.'

Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
'Birdman' or 'The Grand Budapest Hotel'
In a distant third comes 'Into the Woods.' 'Birdman' and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' are two of my favorite films of the year. 'Birdman' is a dark comedy that is filmed and acted expertly. 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' is a colorful and charming comedy that is pretty great in it's own right.

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Emily Blunt- 'Into the Woods'
I'm watching a most of these movies ('Maps to the Stars', 'Big Eyes' and 'The Hundred Foot Journey') this coming week. Which is why I'm just picking Emily Blunt, and to be fair, she is charming as hell. As long as Quvenzhan√© Wallis doesn't win for 'Annie', I'm happy. nothing against Wallis at all, but 'Annie' is a terrible film.

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Michael Keaton- 'Birdman'
This shouldn't even be a competition. Michael Keaton is brilliant in 'Birdman.' Ralph Finnes and Joaquin Phoenix are pretty good in their respective movies. But, they're not on the level of what Keaton did in 'Birdman.'

Best Animated Feature Film
'Big Hero 6' or 'The LEGO Movie'
Most people would say 'The Boxtrolls' here, but I found that to only be okay. My complaint is that 'The Tale of Princess Kaguya' isn't in this category. By far the best animated feature I've seen in about five years. 'Big Hero 6' and 'The LEGO Movie' are my two highest rated animated films otherwise.

Best Foreign Language Film
I'm watching 'Ida' sometime this week. But I know the buzz behind it is huge. I saw 'Force Majeure' and personally couldn't get into it. Been waiting to see 'Leviathan' as well. As of right now my highest rated foreign film, not counting 'The Tale of Princess Kaguya' is 'One Day, Two Nights.'

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Patricia Arquette- 'Boyhood'
This is actually one of the most stacked categories. I've seen all the films but 'A Most Violent Year' and all of the nominated performances are pretty great. This has to go to Patricia Arquette for 'Boyhood.' Such a great and wholly unique role and performance.

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Ethan Hawke- 'Boyhood' or J.K. Simmons- 'Whiplash'
Another stacked category here. Ed Norton and Mark Ruffallo were great in their roles. But, Ethan Hawke and J.K. Simmons turned in phenomenal performances. Hawke for his role in the fantastic 'Boyhood.' Simmons for his surprisingly emotional and genuine performance in 'Whiplash.'

Best Director - Motion Picture
Richard Linklater- 'Boyhood'
Can everyone win in this category? Because I honestly liked all of these films and every director did a fantastic job. Linklater will take though because of the sheer originality and style in which 'Boyhood' was made over the past 12 years.

Best Screenplay - Motion Picture
Richard Linklater- 'Boyhood'
Director and Screenplay are sometimes paired up, right? This category, much like Best Director, anyone could win, but i'm staking my bet on 'Boyhood' taking another one. 'Birdman',  'Gone Girl' and 'The Grand Budapest Hotel' are still awesome.

Best Original Score - Motion Picture
Antonio Sanchez- 'Birdman'
The use of jazz music throughout 'Birdman' is mesmerizing and amazing. I loved it. Quick question though, why wasn't 'Whiplash' nominated in this? I loved the score (and music overall) in that the most this year.

Best Original Song - Motion Picture
"Glory" from 'Selma'
Again, if 'Annie' wins here that'd be pretty meh. Cause everything about that film was bad. 'Glory' isn't an awful song either, I quite liked it. Same with Lana Del Rey's "Big Eyes." I'll be honest though, I've never been good at critiquing music. Where's "Everything is Awesome" from 'The LEGO Movie'?


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