Sunday, January 12, 2014

Quick Golden Globes 2014 Predictions/Wants Thingie

-Golden Globe Wants/Predictions-

Now I'm not an insider, nor do I pretend to be. But, I do know what I like and the Golden Globes is the first "big" awards show of the year. I've seen a ton of movies this year and most of these nominees. Here's a few thoughts on what I like. Also who I want, and think, will win later tonight. Like last year, expect a full and sweeping write-up when The Oscars roll around in the coming months.

*= Want to Win

Best Picture (Drama)
12 Years A Slave/Rush
12 Years A Slave is a huge draw in addition to being a well received film. Rush was a fantastic flick to me, even though it won't win.

Best Actress (Drama)
Sandra Bullock- Gravity
Best of the bunch here, carried Gravity on her own and did a great job.

Best Actor (Drama)
Chiwetel Ejofor- 12 Years A Slave*/Tom Hanks- Captain Phillips
If I had a choice here it'd be Michael B. Jordan for Fruitvale Station.

Best Picture (Comedy/Musical)
Her*/The Wolf of Wall Street 
Toss up for me here, tiebreaker goes to  "Her" as it's my favorite film of the year.

Best Actress (Comedy/Musical)
Amy Adams- American Hustle*/Greta Gerwig- Frances Ha
I didn't particularly love Adams in this, but I didn't like Frances Ha, despite liking Gerwig's character.

Best Actor (Comedy/Musical)
Joaquin Phoenix- Her*/Leonardo DiCaprio- The Wolf of Wall Street
See that "Best Picture (Comedy/Musical)" little blurb above.

Best Animated Pic
The Croods was wholly mediocre and Despicable Me 2, while good, wasn't Frozen good.

Best Foreign Language Pic
Blue Is The Warmest Color
This is the only one I've seen of the bunch, but oh my was it pretty good.

Best Supporting Actress
Jennifer Lawrence- American Hustle*/Lupita Nyong'o- 12 Years A Slave
I only liked J-Law in one scene of American Hustle (she was fantastic in said scene), but I've heard nothing but praise for her role.

Best Supporting Actor
Daniel Bruhl- Rush*/Bradley Cooper- American Hustle
Everyone adores American Hustle, but you should all go give Rush a watch, Daniel Bruhl is fantastic in it.

Best Director
Alfonso Cuaron- Gravity*
Story, acting and visuals, Gravity had it all, and all of it was good. Did I mention those visuals?

Best Screenplay
Spike Jonze- Her
I can easily see American Hustle or 12 Years A Slave getting this as well. All great scripts, AH less than the other two.

Best Original Song
"Let It Go" from Frozen
You've heard this right? It wins.


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